Mission Valley

Mission Valley Insurance Quotes

Mission Valley residents typically search for affordable car insurance but easily get frustrated.  There are so many big insurance companies claiming to have the lowest rates but most are cherry picking their rates.

Every commercial you see that says ‘the average person who switched to ABC Insurance company saved $485 per year’ or something along those lines.  That statement is a little misleading because no one would switch to another company unless that other company had better rates.

The truth is that rates change all the time.  Every year or so, the Department of Insurance reevaluates each insurance company and approves or disapproves the rates they’d like to offer to their clients.

Cheapest Car Insurance in San Diego

To find and keep the cheapest car insurance in Mission Valley, you’ll want to work with an insurance agent (rather than directly with an insurance company).  Why?  An insurance agent can quote multiple companies to find you the best rate while a single company won’t actively try to lose you as a customer.

Aren’t Insurance Agents More Expensive?

No, insurance agents are not more expensive.  The companies they work with pays them through commissions, that means that the agent only gets paid if/when they find you the best rate.  Agents want to keep you as a client for as long as possible so they generally provide better service, too.

Mercury Insurance San Diego

One of the leading insurance companies in Mission Valley and the greater San Diego region, is Mercury Insurance.  Any insurance agent worth their salt can get you a quote with Mercury.  While not every person in every situation will go with Mercury, but be sure to ask your agent when getting a quote.

Mercury Insurance san diego has quote a few auto insurance discounts that other companies don’t offer.

Geico San Diego

Geico San Diego insurance quotes, while one of the top searches on google, generally isn’t the best company to work with.  Why? Geico won’t try to find you cheaper insurance with other companies.  Also, once they have your business, you are unlikely to hear from them again… except to send you another bill.

Your local San Diego insurance agent WILL get in touch with you more often.  They want to make sure you’re happy, getting the best rate and to see if there’s anything else they can help you with.

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