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Get Multiple Car Insurance Quotes in Oceanside CA

Oceanside CA has one of the highest car insurance rates in California.  It stands at number 46 on the list of CA cities!  On average, Oceanside residents pay $102 more per year than the rest of California drivers and over $600 more than the national average.  All of this means it’s never been more important to work with an independent insurance agent who can get your quotes from over a dozen insurance companies.

Liability Coverage in Oceanside CA

Oceanside requires you carry a minimum of $15,000 per person / $30,000 per accident for bodily injury coverage and $10,000 for property damage.  While this is the minimum amount required by law, to have more protection is generally only a few dollars more for the entire year.  For this reason, we think it’s a great idea to go with higher limits if it doesn’t break the bank.


Oceanside CA Quote

Oceanside CA insurance quotes are different from the rest of California.  Why?  Because drivers in Oceanside have different driving habits from those in other cities… you’ll know that’s the truth when sitting in stop-and-go traffic up in LA or downtown San Diego.

Generally speaking, Oceanside quotes are less expensive than LA.  If you happen to also own a home in another city, be sure to use your Oceanside / San Diego address as your main residence as that will give you the cheapest car insurance quote.


Local Information About Oceanside

Oceanside is a coastal city located on California‘s South Coast. It is the third-largest city in San Diego County, California. The city had a population of 167,086 at the 2010 census. Together with Carlsbad and Vista, it forms a tri-city area. Oceanside is located just south of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton.